Residential ventilation

In matters of improved economy and healthier indoor climates, the AIRVEKS 250 EC and AIRVEKS 500 EC will provide:

  • The best gift, you can ever give yourself and your family
  • Fresh air 24/7​

AIRHEAT's ventilation units, type AIRVEKS 250 EC and AIRVEKS 500 EC, are designed with the incorporation of a counterflow exchanger, and thus the exhaust air will heat the influx of cold air. The unit will exchange between 150 and 300 m3 of air per hour with an efficiency rate of approximately 90%.

The unit is supplied with a user-friendly control unit with display. The control can be set at summer operation which will exclude the heating exchange. Thus, the dwelling will be cooled by the lower night temperatures.

The user-friendly unit control with display is designed based on three individually set air-flow volumes: By-pass for summer operations, frost protection and moisture control. Thus, unit and control are adapted to and prepared for regulations in force at all times.

The well thought out maintenance construction means easy service and maintenance of the AIRVEKS units.

AIRVEKS 250 EC and AIRVEKS 500 EC turnkey solutions for the ventilation of residential dwellings and smaller offices:

  • Calculation example
  • Easy installation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Prevention of unhealthy moisture
  • Improved indoor climate
  • Improved heating economy

Pursuant to the Danish building regulations, all new houses must be designed and constructed using increased insulation thicknesses and a denser vapour barrier than previously. At the same time, all air must be exchanged every second hour. In practice, this is only feasible by means of a mechanical ventilation unit.

AIRHEAT is the manufacturer of one of the market's best ventilation plants for dwellings of up to 250 m2.

The plant facilitates an improved indoor climate throughout the house, and the built-in filter will efficiently remove impurities such as pollen, dust, soot and fumes from the injection-air, whereby the indoor air will in fact become cleaner than the outdoor air.

The indoor air moisture will be significantly reduced. This means prevention of the development of fungi, mould, dust mites and bacteria. And precisely such factors will frequently be the causes of asthma, allergies and hypersensitivity.

A good indoor climate will not only mean improvement of human health, as the building materials will also be given a longer life span. The formation of dew, fungi and mould which can occur in poorly ventilated rooms, will not thrive in dry and clean ventilated rooms.

The unit's counterflow heat exchanger will contribute with the exhaust air's heating of the cold influx air, which will mean a reduction in annual heating costs.

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