Exhaust plants for workshops, industries and residential purposes

Are you in search of an exhaust solution for a workshop or the similar? At AIRHEAT, we have comprehensive expertise within exhaust systems for industries, workshops and residential purposes. Our plants are applied for purposes of improving indoor climate and heating economy in open spaces, but they can also be applied for the removal of welding smoke, gases and air quality problems in workshops. Our solutions are supplied across all of Denmark.

We have more than 35 years' experience within exhaust and ventilation plants, which is why we are capable of contributing professional consultancy for all types of manufacturing facilities – providing the optimal solution pertaining to the requirements involved. All our plants comprise high-quality systems whilst, at the same time, being designed for purposes of providing improved energy optimisation.

Exhaust plants for the removal of impurities, moisture and dust

In dwellings, an exhaust plant will improve the indoor climate through the removal of impurities such as for instance pollen, dust and fumes from the injection air. Such plants will, at the same time, cause a reduction in air moisture content in order to prevent the development of fungi, mould and dust mites. Moreover, the counterflow heat exchanger will apply the hot exhaust air for the heating of cold influx air.

In addition, we carry a wide selection of exhaust systems for industrial purposes such as extraction trolleys, electrical hose drums and extraction arms. The extraction trolleys are suitable exhaust solutions for use in joiner's workshops for the prevention of dust problems etc. Extraction arms are particularly well suited for smoke and air quality problems in for instance welding shops. Naturally, our plants will be tailormade and adapted to the particular project in accordance with the individual customer's requirements.

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We are always prepared to discuss the many opportunities within exhaust plants and, also, provide consultancy and assistance. Our prices are competitive, and we shall always be pleased to provide a non-committal offer.

Call us on tel.: +45 9748 5300 if you would like further information. You can also contact us via e-mail: info@airheat.dk, and we shall then return at the soonest.

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