Hot-air blowers for heating, drying and ventilation

Are you looking for a hot-air blower for your business? At AIRHEAT we are specialists in hot-air and ventilation units for purposes of for instance room heating, grain drying and the similar. These units are applied within an array of commercial operations as for example in production halls and institutions, etc. We provide units for businesses across the entire country.

We are a professional partner and customer-centred operation. This for instance means that we always provide satisfactory time for the individual customer, thus allowing for discussions about expectations and requirements. In other words, you can safely let us be your future collaborative partner.

Specially constructed and project-adapted hot-air blowers

We have more than 35 years' experience with various types of units for ventilation, heating and drying. Our specialty comprises specially constructed and project-adapted units – all of a high quality, just as they are designed and constructed for providing improved energy optimisation.

We for instance provide:

Our hot-air blowers can be applied by most businesses in combination with conventional room-heating, ventilation units and drying processes. The units are equipped with an exchange chamber allowing the exit gases to turn in horizontal piping rows. This means optimal cooling of the exit gases and, thus, a more economical operation. Add to this, the vibration-dampening construction preventing the conveyance of noise to the surroundings.

Contact us for further information about our units

We shall be very pleased to tell you much more about our ventilation and hot-air blowers, just as we shall be pleased to forward additional information. Our prices are competitive and, also, we will readily prepare a non-committal offer. Naturally, we provide consultancy and guidance adapted to your requirements.

Please give us a call on: +45 9748 5300 to obtain further information. You can also send an e-mail to:, and we shall then return at the soonest.

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