The principal competences of AIRHEAT A/S comprise the manufacturing of hot-air and ventilation units for residential purposes as for small workshops, large production halls, institutions and offices.

AIRHEAT designs special hot-air units for spray booths and processing plants such as for instance hot-air units for oil and gas up to 4500 kW. In addition, we market a wide selection of products: heat guns for oil or gas, hot-air ventilation units, dehumidifiers, heat pumps, drying cupboards, climate units, chimneys, etc.

We also contribute with special projects, such as for instance suction walls, sound boxes, exhaust hoods, roof cowls and the similar, to be carried out according to the customer's desires and specifications.

By now, our ventilation units have come to constitute the majority of our turnover, and such units are manufactured for residential ventilation as for workshops, larger production halls, institutions and offices. Some solutions combine hot-air and ventilation facilities into complete plants for purposes of securing an optimal climate and minimal energy consumption.

Since 1995, AIRHEAT A/S has provided solutions for all of Scandinavia and a number of European countries – with respect to industrial ventilation, comfort ventilation and hot-air units.

At AIRHEAT A/S, we are always prepared to help the customer find the right and optimal solution for a ventilation and heating project. We take great pride in providing our customers with the best possible service.

Delivery quality and punctuality are highly prioritised. We strive to meet delivery times, swiftly and punctually, and – our solutions being adapted to the customer's requirements in matters concerning delivery to workshops and industry – practically all products are made to order.​

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